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LIO FLEX Cool NBR Foam Coated Work Gloves

LIO FLEX Cool NBR Foam Coated Work Gloves

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LIO FLEX Cool are DMF(Dimethylformamide) Free gloves.

DMF can cause abnormal liver function, such as acute hepatitis. These gloves offer excellent flexibility & fitting, just like bare hands. LIO FLEX’s technology enables shape memory performance, which can minimize fatigue even over long working hours.

These gloves are made of dense fibers and provide a barehanded-like fit, minimizing wear on the material and extending the life of the product.



Key Features

✔️ Cooling Technology: Perfectly designed to resist hot & humid working conditions so you can stay cool in any workplace. Superior cooling technology ensures excellent sweat absorption and keeps hands comfortable even over long working hours.

✔️ Superior Ventilation: Thin and lightweight glove gives you much better breathability while working compared to other products. Stay cool in summer, even wearing gloves.

✔️ UV Protection: UV Protection performance will protect your skin from sunlight, skin cancer, and aging. Stay safe and cool in summer with LIO FLEX Cool.

✔️ Dry Quickly: The backside of the glove has a unique design to help your sweat dry quickly. Cooling Effect / Ventilation and quick-drying performance will absolutely improve your summertime working experience.

✔️ High Adherence: It gently adheres to your skin and won't slip down easily. Enjoy our glove that fits your hand as if custom-made and with upgraded performance. Even in the summer, it will help you with your work.

✔️ Made in Korea


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• 15 Gauge Shelron

• NBR Coating(100%)

✔️ Cooling Effect
✔️ Superior Ventilation

✔️ Touchscreen 
✔️ DMF Free 
✔️ NBR Coating

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