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The best fit ever, Lio FLEX

Cut-Resistant Gloves

With these cut resistant gloves, you can protect yourself from hazards & injuries at your workplace.  If you work safe, your confidence soars.

Touchscreen Gloves

Stay connected even at work. Use your device (Smartphone/Tablets) with all your fingers while still wearing the gloves!          

Insulated Gloves 

These gloves have an insulated interior with an outer shell built to protect your hands from the elements, even in extremely cold weather.

Multi-Purpose Gloves

Provide excellent, bare hand-like fitting, with excellent flexibility. Superior shape memory features minimize hand fatigue even over long working hours.

Cooling Gloves

Help to cool your hands down following vigorous exercise or while working in hot environments.

Winter Work Gloves

Designed with winter weather in mind to provide vital insulation for your hands, in even the most extreme conditions. 

Exceptional Touch Screen Performance:

Newly developed technology allows for amazing touch performance.

Suitable for use with IT devices (Smartphone/Tablets) using all 10 fingers while wearing the gloves. No need to use just one or two fingers while working anymore.

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